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Software QA

Of course, we offer you all the usual services in the field of software QA. We help you in all phases of your project and our cooperation.

First Impression – Get to know us!

You want to test us and our methods and learn about our results? For that matter, our First Impressions have established themselves. Learn what our testers think about the first hours with your product. For that, it is not essential that your product is finished. We are able to evaluate the current state and likewise the expected result. Receive bundled feedback about the current usability and all-important facets such as graphics, sound, perceived entertainment, and use value, etc. The result is a compact report – additionally, you receive the first couple of issue reports, in order to learn about us in that manner as well.

Explorative Testing – This is how we learn about your project!

We help to establish test procedures. You do not have test cases yet? Then we will test your software explorative – this way we quickly get to know it and you and your developers can receive the feedback and issue reports in almost no time. We only need as much documentation as you are willing or able to provide. In return, your developers are able to begin fixing severe problems, while we continue to learn about your project and gain the possibility to estimate your project and further expenses.

Structured Test – Initial and Recurring – This is how you learn about your project!

Based on your documentation, the software itself or in the consultation we create the necessary test cases. You profit from our great experience: If you wish we will derive the majority of the test cases on our own. Of course, you will verify all specifications later on and benefit from our preparatory work and advice.

You already created test cases? Then we help executing the test runs together with the maintenance and upkeep of your test suites. We execute test runs if requested recurrently and evaluate the results for you. Like this, we support the maintenance of your product during the whole life cycle to ensure consistent quality. You receive summaries, statistics, and protocols – to the extent you arrange with us. You receive Top10 requirements and prioritized recaps. Your software is already situated in a later life cycle? Then we examine if everything runs reliable based on your changelogs, all changes, and checks of all updates.

Test automation – This is how we increase our efficiency!

We identify recurring processes and specifications? Then we can offer to execute the tests automatically in the future. This option comes with high initial effort but fastens up repeating test instances. Test automatization amortizes in later maintenance cycles of your product. We analyze contents that are automatable and advise you about the benefit and possibility of implementation. We develop together with you the right test strategy and do all the work according to your date expectations.

Hard- / Software Compliance – This is how you increase the coefficient of your product!

You need to know for sure, whether your platform runs in every important browser? Or your app on every established mobile device? Or is your software developed for Mac? We conduct the according software and hardware compliance tests for you.

Our hardware laboratory contains cutting-edge (and of course also older) systems in vast numbers and any platform. We help to identify the hardware and software requirements. We hold devices of all kinds available, also PCs and Macs and test on all relevant operating systems from Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc. We also ensure compatibility with every common browser on the market.

Usability QA – This is how you learn, what your user is thinking!

Games Quality tests with your target group if requested! What are your users thinking? What do they like about your product – and what do they not like at all? We conduct tests with test subjects. Together we determine meaningful use cases, observe behavior in live tests and inquire additional feedback. You put out questions – we evaluate behavior and compile statistics and in-depth reports. You desire a specific method? Just coordinate with us!

Your marketing needs as much material and statistics as possible? We supply you with that on hundreds of report pages. Clearly segmented. Your management needs quick answers? We provide a compact and prioritized evaluation on 10 to 20 pages. For a meeting, the top management needs fast answers or solutions? We deliver answers on 1 to 3 pages in prioritized lists and tables.

Comparison – This is how you gain comparability of your and your competitor’s project!

Presumably, you checked the situation of the market at the beginning of your project. Or you vaguely know your competitors. But how far are your competitors at the time of our assignment? What are the features of the other product that yours do not have? What is your unique selling point? Games Quality conducts a comparison of platforms or applications that you may choose – or we find important similar products. We provide you with comparative results and deliver you prioritized lists with important evaluations. Thereby we help your marketing to isolate the right USPs or your developers to improve the crucial details.

Your management receives an assessability of possible success or failure even before the release from the perspective of the QA.

Expert opinion – This is how you make it legal!

You need an assessment for a legal proceeding or for internal purposes for a part of your product? Games Quality acts as an assessor and creates assessments for your concern. Like this, we were able to record copyright infringements and help to prevent software piracy.

You are a bank or an investor and want to evaluate the risk of the project you are about to fund? We create functional and comparative feedback in a minimum of time.

Miscellaneous – Acquaint complementing information!

Do not hesitate to communicate your specific requirements and ideas. We are working using all the tools you require and we are able to perform almost all tasks that can be expected to benefit your software. We deliver individually requested methods and practices. We are able to communicate with as many teams and persons as agreed with you. Worldwide. If asked for, we can assign created error reports to the responsible key-player in your team. Or to the responsible developer. We pursue all issues through their full life cycle – until they are fixed or have become obsolete.

You make us your information center!