Software Quality Assurance

Games Quality is a contractor for IT services residing in Brandenburg in the periphery of Berlin. Coming from the games industry the company meanwhile looks back on 11 successful years, more than 150 clients in the areas of B2B and more than 250 software quality assurance projects. With regional, national and international customers Games Quality is specialized in scientific online platforms, sports bets platforms, lotto, and classic B2B and B2C software.


Certainly games do not come off badly. With strong partners and a great network Games Quality is the market leader in classical games. We are nonetheless very strong in iGaming and able to test on your hardware. We are fast in gaining knowledge, in case it is about knowledge-based software. And no matter if your project is centered on business relationship, contract management or knowledge bases in sports betting, automotive, or chemics, we are getting as deep into it as necessary to test the functionality.


The company draws its knowledge, methods, and know-how from different branches of the IT sector: The highly flexible and fast-paced games industry, as well as the very well-structured traditional software development. That way Games Quality combines the advantages of those completely different lines of work and is thus able to offer new perspectives, trends, and intersections to its clients.


Our clients create new ideas, technologies, application, etc. We help to complete these successfully, provide executive strategies, user concepts and help to develop marketing strategies with our in detail knowledge about their software. Therefore we know about new trends, way before others realize them as such and help to point out important market developments during long developments before they are overseen. In addition, we provide comparisons of your and your competitor’s software, present analyzes and the voices of your target audiences and help to position your product on the market.

Actually, we bring peace, structure, and order in difficult phases of projects, but we also help to fasten up crucial processes and to understand the bare essentials of a requirement. We are professionals in learning and using your unfinished software or platform. In almost no time we collect knowledge about the projects which our customers thankfully and intensely draw on after a short getting-to-know phase


Our team is young and highly enthusiastic about technology and software quality assurance. The core of the team are the main contacts for our customers and outlines the project leads for your requirements. Thanks to experience in hundreds of projects the young team with its influence can be designated as an important Partner in the highly innovative IT scene.


We are innovative because you are! We are the competence center for IT software innovations because we always help to improve the most innovative and very last solutions and ideas!


With our deliverables and our commitment to your projects we did not only convince our customers. Even the EU puts his trust in our company and funds us in the trust of our great innovative power for our clients. This way the location Brandenburg becomes your advantage: flexible employees, competitively viable cost structure and a perfect international traffic connection guarantee quickness, price advantages and physical closeness.


Residing in the countryside and having outstanding traffic connection, Games Quality as of today was multiple times able to get international customers to Brandenburg. This includes Asian big players of telecommunication, Austrian big players of iGaming together with the Italian lottery. Thereby Game Quality today is a small exceptional phenomenon for the location Brandenburg and big one for the small city of Erkner. We are a job engine in the region and do not experience a shortage of skilled workers.


Binding budgets and thus total cost control over the measures that assure and keep the quality for our clients and their projects are our promise, as long as it is doable within the scope of your project. Thereby we deliberately contrast with competitors on the market. Other IT service providers sell you time. Not only in regards to software quality assurance. The results are non-transparent costs, missed deadlines and ongoing further bookings in time and money. As a result, you become a part of the problem, not of the solution.

It’s important that we are different. We provide you with solutions that are based on binding quotes that are fitted to your requirements. We stand by your team’s side with our knowledge about your project and answer even the most nagging questions of your top managers – personalized in size and depth to the requirements of the recipient.

Also, we do not disguise ourselves, we an easy language. We are natural, real and personally available for you. We fulfill our work on our site and do not secretly outsource our work to India for example. We are exemplary, dynamically, able to learn. In conclusion, we take pride in the trust of our national and international customers, Brandenburg’s economic politics and the EU.

We look forward to learn about you!